Our Mission

MyLifeRadio believes that Music has the Power to make our lives better! Enhancing both the spiritual and physical facets of Life. We strive to bring you the widest variety of Music that is available in order to achieve this enhancement to our lives. If you have a special song or genre of Music that is important in your life or the lives of your family or friends, our DJs' will do their very best to play it for you. The Staff here at MyLifeRadio consist of experienced, dedicated DJ's that want to bring you, the listener, the best music experience imaginable. We are not an 'On Demand Radio' so your song will not play at any specific time but within the DMCA Guidelines. We accept donations as your gift to keep the station running. Your donations are only used for station expenses. Keep in mind, we are a full volunteer station, and no one gets paid for their efforts. Your thanks in our Guestbook is what keeps all the volunteers motivated to giving their free time, so please also Give Generously in the Guestbook! The PayPal button for donations is conveniently located, so please donate whatever amount you are able to comfortably share and be assured it will only be used to keep your music playing.

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